Our 6 Week Challenge Will Not Only Have You Feeling Great,
 It Will Also Have You Looking Incredible Too!
Don't take our word for it, read what our past clients have to say below and see their amazing before and after photos too.
What Our Clients are Saying...

"I'd highly recommend Fitness forte"

I'd highly recommend Fitness forte, in particular their 6 week challenge that I completed. It is an intimate and personal studio where the trainers continuously supervise and improve your form and weight level to insure you get maximum results. it is almost like a 1:1 training that you would get nowhere else.

"An ear to listen when the going is getting tough"

Just finished the initial 6 week program with great results. Yes it is all down to the individuals desire to change that gets results but the support from Keith, Karen, Eoin and Brendan in Fitness Forte is invaluable. From dietary advice, to correct technique in the gym, motivation to push to the last rep and just an ear to listen when the going is getting tough. Give your self a six week window with as little as possible on and it’s amazing how quickly the time goes and results will be in the bag. My initial success, 20.4 lbs weight drop, has encouraged me to continue for the next 6 months to get to a target weight and fitness I will be content with!

"Highly recommended to train with them"

I am very happy to train with fitness forte. The trainer there are really friendly and nice and they care about you. I really enjoy every single session here. Highly recommended to train with them.

"5 stars without a doubt"

Just completed a 6 week challenge at Fitness Forte. Delighted with the results. I never thought I'd look forward to going to the gym- particularly not for 6 am sessions - but have really enjoyed the programme. The simple clear message about food certainly changed my mindset and is very sustainable. The trainers are great, 5 stars without a doubt.

"The coaches are very supportive and encouraging"

So happy with Fitness Forte & the 6 week challenge. I didn’t really think I could change much in 6 weeks but lost 19lbs through nutrition changes and 3 weeks of training (I have an ongoing back injury and could only train for the first 3 weeks)! The coaches are very supportive and encouraging. Thanks guys

"Felt very personal"

I just lost 27lbs and 6.75% body fat on the 6 Week transformation program. From day 1 Keith and the team were brilliant, loads of advice, both nutritional and exercise wise. Classes were small so felt very personal, never got boring as the workouts changed regularly. Highly recommended.

"Attention to detail was 2nd to none"

I just finished Fitness Forte's 6 Week Transformation and I would highly recommend it! Keith and his team are great. The attention to detail was 2nd to none from day one. If you ever needed any questions answered or advice along the way Keith was only ever a text or phone call away. I lost just under a stone and 6.8% body fat in the six weeks. I always left the gym feeling great. If you're looking to get back in shape and tone up this gym/course is the place for you.

"Real sense of community"

I'm very happy to say I trained with Keith and the team at Fitness Forte and enjoyed every minute of it.
There is a real sense of community from the trainers and members and it was a fantastic experience.
I myself did the six week program and was guided every step of the way and at the end I got the fantastic results I was looking for!
Thank you to all the guys who helped along the way

"I highly recommend giving Fitness Forte a go"

I highly recommend giving Fitness Forte a go.
I hadn’t been training properly in years and really let myself go during the lockdown. This all changed once I signed up for the 6 Week Challenge. Training sessions are intense but the trainers are right there with you to offer advice and encouragement which helped me to stick with the plan. I liked the fact that they support you through classes, offer help with equipment, allow you to push yourself within reason and they change routines regularly. As well as shedding lbs, I’m fitter, I’m stronger and my back is feeling much better from regular workouts and is causing me less discomfort in the mornings (I’ve had surgery twice).
If you want to get back into training I would suggest you give this a go without hesitation!
Aine Byrne's 6 Week Challenge Results

Ed Sweeney's 6 Week Challenge Results

Tindy Lau's 6 Week Challenge Results

 Peter Fitzgerald's 6 Week Challenge Results

Katie Lynch's 6 Week Challenge Results
These are just a sample of the amazing results we are seeing on our 6 Week Challenge.

Watch the short videos below and listen to how successful this program really is:
Now That We Have Your Attention....
....Let's fill you in on the details.
There are 3 Core Elements to this program:

1) Exercise -
- You will workout 3 times per week in our Semi-Private studio with a maximum of 8 people in any one session.

- There will be a Personal Trainer working alongside you to ensure you are working in a safe manner and learning how to perform each exercise.

- Each workout is a full body workout, which will work all those problems areas to ensure you get that toned lean look you want.

2) Nutrition
- You will not be required to follow a restrictive diet which is not sustainable long term.

- Eat the foods you like to eat, we just control the calories.

- Follow our 20 page nutrition manual, which is packed full on information which will change how you approach food forever.

- Get access to our extensive recipe book which you can download and keep.

- Receive weekly coaching from our online members site to give you the knowledge you need to continue even after the 6 weeks.

3) Accountability -
- The most important aspect of this program is the accountability. You can try other programs in other venues, but none will match the level of accountability you will receive at Fitness Forte.

- From the day you start your 6 Week Challenge until the day you finish, you will hear from our team in one aspect or another. Whether that be in the studio, via our private members group on Facebook, through email or text.

- We will ensure that you are fully supported and motivated throughout your time at Fitness Forte.

So what are you waiting for?
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